If you have taken a visit to the beach over the past month you may have noticed an unusual-looking sea creature washed up on the shoreline. We’re getting reports that quite a few are washing up. Resembling a large squid-like creature, the Sea Hare is causing havoc to Western Australian canines. It has been reported that Murdoch University Animal Hospital has dealt with at least two poisonings in recent weeks with other incidents also being reported throughout the veterinary community.

We ask that all dog owners please take extra precaution when visiting the beach with your companion. These sea slug creatures carry toxins harmful enough to kill a dog. If you see another dog licking or ingesting a sea hare we ask for your assistance by informing other pet owners.

Some of the reported symptoms to look out for include over-excitement, tremors, seizures, drooling or vomiting. If you believe your dog has ingested a sea hare or is showing the above symptoms please contact us immediately.

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