Vetwest donates to BARC

BARC is Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabiliatation Centre, a registered Australian and Indonesian non-profit organisation based in Bali. The organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Bali street dogs and puppies. They rely on donations, support and the generosity of our global community in order to help give the street dogs the care they need and another chance in life.

Recently, a dedicated client, Helen Bampton, visited the Bali centre and offered to bring along medical supplies donated by Vetwest to BARC. Helen has kindly shared with us some photos she brought home with her from the centre. 

PLEASE NOTE some images may be disturbing to the sensitive reader.

Our client Helen and her son holding rescued puppies at BARC. The rescued pup in the cage was recovering from skin infection, his sibling was in an isolation room recovering from distemper along with 6 other puppies. The black dog with Helen's son has a fused jaw so requires special needs but has adjusted well and has a wonderful personality. The cheeky chocolate puppy had been adopted by a staff member.
BARC's small but clean operating theatre
Lucky Lulu had paralysed back legs but still got around very well. She had been at BARC since a small puppy but she was adopted by a kind citizen shortly after Helen's visit.
Cheeky Chuckie and a little female that became brain damaged after being hit by a car.
Crusty's amazing recovery - before and after
One of BARC's rescues - before and after
Winston was found on the side of a highway. This is his progress up to now at 6 months old. He has been adopted by a BARC volunteer.
Some of BARC's recent rescues - before and after

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