Laparoscopic Speys

Currambine Vetwest is very excited to announce that they are now offering keyhole sterilisations, otherwise known as a laparoscopic Spey, for suitable female dogs.

A traditional sterilisation is performed via a large incision in the abdomen through which the ovaries and uterus are removed. Laparoscopy, or minimally invasive surgery, involves doing the procedure through several small incisions, using a telescope, instead of a single large incision. A camera and several instruments are placed through the small incisions and the ovaries are removed through these incisions.

Not only is there a smaller wound, but there is also less manipulation of the abdominal organs, and this leads to a more comfortable recovery. Laparoscopy is frequently performed in human surgery to minimise pain and speed recovery.

Using laparoscopic techniques and equipment can offer several benefits over traditional ovariohysterectomy:

  • Significantly less painful – smaller incisions rather than a single midline incision reduce the pain during and after surgery.
  • Reduced tissue handling and trauma.
  • Reduced risk of complications such as haemorrhage, post-operative infection and wound breakdown.
  • Reduced recovery time.
  • In large breed dogs, a prophylactic gastropexy can be performed at the time of sterilisation, to prevent Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (bloat).

Client Testimonials

The laparoscopic Spey I feel is a way better option purely for the fact I could see Lola was in less pain than a normal Spey. I would 100% recommend this over traditional, on the basis that it was less painful for Lola, her recovery time was halved, and her wounds had less likelihood of infection due to the small size of them.
Jacob and Taylor
I wanted to make sterilisation easier for Cami. Normal sterilisation is invasive, while laparoscopic sterilisation, just removing the ovaries, appeared to be a better option for achieving the same goal.

I think that the procedure is the way forward for sterilising female dogs and would recommend the procedure to others.


Advantages of Laparoscopic Speys over traditional Speys

Is a laparoscopic Spey more expensive than a traditional Spey?

Yes – in addition to the highly specialised equipment to perform the surgery, which is costly to purchase and to maintain, the surgeon has undergone further training to complete these types of surgeries.

If you would like more information, please contact Vetwest Currambine on 9404 1144.

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