The Samoyed originated in the north-west of Siberia, where they were used for herding reindeer and pulling sledges. They took their name from the nomadic Samoyed tribe, who regarded these dogs as members of the family and shared their sleeping quarters with them In later years the “Sammie” as he is affectionately known, was largely responsible for the successful exploration of the Arctic Circle.


Dogs 51-56cm Bitches 46 – 51cm


20 -27 kg


Constant companionship with man through the years has given the Samoyed an uncanny, almost human, understanding. Gentle, kindly, with a smiling face and dark intelligent eyes, it has been said that this big white dog carries in its face and heart the spirit of Christmas the whole year through. Certainly they seem to have retained something of the happy and childlike spirit of their earliest masters.

Intelligent, dignified and independent, the Samoyed makes a delightful and devoted family pet who loves to be involved in everything ‘family’. They have adapted quite well to warmer climate, and will live outside but prefer to be inside where the action is.


Up to 12 years

Grooming and care

Most Samoyed’s love being groomed and it can either be a pleasure or a task, consuming up to 40 minutes once a week of time. They have a luxurious white coat which is made up of two layers. An undercoat which is woolly and shed approximately once a year, and an outer coat which is made up of longer tough hairs.


The Samoyed loves and needs a daily walk and excursion. They can live happily in a small yard as long as they receive daily exercise. Ideally the back yard should feature high fences as a bored Samoyed can make a fantastic getaway.

Health concerns

For the latest research in breed-related problems in Samoyed visit the University of Sydney’s LIDA (Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals) website.

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