If your dog likes to kick up a bit of dirt after he/she goes to the toilet, it is completely normal. There are several philosophies as to why dogs carry out this amusing but seemingly pointless act. The most likely explanation; it provides a way for a dog to mark their territory. Dogs have glands on their feet which secrete pheromones. By scratching backwards, the pheromone or scent is released into the dirt and marks the territory, leaving other canines a scented message.

You cherish your lawn and garden, can you make your dog stop?

It can be difficult, if not impossible to change a canine’s natural instinct. If your backyard looks like a war zone here’s a few tips you can try.

  • Get into a routine of taking your dog for a walk just prior to toilet time.
  • Trim your dogs’ nails regularly. Short nails will do less damage to a well manicured lawn or garden.

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