Your Pet’s Senior Health Checklist

Before your pet’s next senior check-up, please complete the following checklist. The following questions provide a guide of the major changes you should be looking out for at home.

Seniors Checklist

Over the past 6 months I think my pet has?
My pet's stamina and ability to exercise or go for walks has decreased over the past 6 months?
I've noticed my pet is slower to get up or lie down and doesn't play as much as before?
My pet's sleeping patterns have changed?
My pet's temperament appears to ...
I've noticed new lumps or bumps on my pet over the past six months?
My pet has developed an occasional cough, especially after walking or exercising?
My pet's...
I've noticed a few more "accidents" in the house over the past 6 months?
My pet is going to the toilet ...
My pet's breath is smelly?
My pet has been drinking ...
My pet has been eating ...
My pet's coat has ...

Once you have selected the submit button, a copy of checklist results will be emailed to you. Bring a copy of the results to your pet's check-up.

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