Renewing Your Pet's Total Wellness Plan

Thank you for subscribing to the Total Wellness Plan, Perth's most popular preventative healthcare plan for pets. With our focus on preventative care, we're helping you give your pets a healthier and happier life. We hope you enjoyed the benefits, savings and peace of mind for the healthcare of your best friend over the last 12 months.

It's now time for you to renew your Total Wellness Plan for the next 12 months or let us know if you don't want to continue. If you've been paying for your Total Wellness Plan with monthly payments then your plan is set up to automatically renew at 12 months. If you paid your Total Wellness Plan in one upfront payment, then you'll need to get in touch with us or visit your local Vetwest and pay for the next 12 months of your plan.

Find out all you need to know about renewing or cancelling your plan below.

How Do I Renew My Total Wellness Plan?

My Total Wellness Plan is Due to Auto-Renew. What Does That Mean?
The Total Wellness Plan monthly payment option offers an easy way to budget for your pet's preventative healthcare. You've been paying for your plan with monthly direct debits from your bank account commencing from the date of your agreement. Unless cancelled 7 days prior to your one-year anniversary date your annual membership will renew automatically.

If your Total Wellness Plan is set up as a monthly payment or instalment plan and you'd like to continue on the plan for another 12 months then there is nothing you need to do. Your plan will auto-renew once you hit the 12-month mark and you'll continue to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of the Total Wellness Plan for another year.

If you'd like to cancel your plan, click here.

How do I Renew My Total Wellness Plan Upfront/Prepaid Plan?
If you paid for your Total Wellness Plan upfront in one single payment, then you can call us on 9404 1165 or visit a Vetwest clinic to pay for your Total Wellness Plan for another 12 months. You can also change over to easy monthly instalment payments if you prefer, just let our team know!

To ensure that your pet's monthly parasite control continues to be delivered when it's due, make sure to renew your Total Wellness Plan before it expires. Call us on 9404 1165 to renew your pet's plan today.

If you don't want to renew your plan, click here.

Can I cancel my Total Wellness Plan?

The Total Wellness Plan is a 12-month commitment. If your plan is due to renew and you would like to cancel then we can help you to do that.

If you are currently paying via monthly instalment payments you will need to notify us in writing or by calling 9404 1111 at least 7 days prior to your renewal to cancel your pet's plan before it renews for the next 12 months. 

Contact us or submit a cancellation online here

If you paid for your Total Wellness Plan in one upfront/prepaid payment and would like to cancel your plan, then just don't pay your renewal bill and you will be unsubscribed for the plan for the next year. 

Want to cancel your plan before the renewal date?
In the unfortunate event of a pet’s death, the Total Wellness Plan will be cancelled and payments stopped once Vetwest Animal Hospitals is notified. Plans purchased upfront will be eligible for an adjustment credit based on the remainder of the plan only.

In the event of a plan being cancelled for any reasons other than a pet passing, monies outstanding on the remainder of the plan (12 months) are payable by the client, regardless of use as per the terms and conditions of the plan agreed upon commencement. 

Plan Prices

One upfront payment
Cats $320 ($26.67 per month)$435 ($36.25 per month)
Dogs up to 10kg$400 ($33.34 per month)$510 ($42.50 per month)
Dogs 10.1 - 20kg$435 ($36.25 per month)$540 ($45.00 per month)
Dogs 20.1kg - 40kg$485 ($40.42 per month)$615 ($51.25 per month)
Dogs 40.1 - 60kg$560 ($46.67 per month)$690 ($57.50 per month)
Dogs over 60kg$720 ($60.00 per month)$840 ($70.00 per month)

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