Alice - Rabbit - Female - 18 months

18 months
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Alice is a female gentle Lop x with Lilac points (Eyes, muzzle and boots). She was found as a stray and we've had no luck locating her owners after a number of weeks. One of our caring nurses has taken her home to foster until she finds her forever home.

Alice needs a home where she can be given a lot of time and preferably an experienced rabbit owner. Due to her past, she will be shy at first but once you gain her trust her personality shines through! She is a beautiful little lady. 

There is no charge for Alice's adoption.  She comes with a rabbit pack which includes discounted sterilisation and vaccination vouchers.

If you think that you can offer Alice the loving home she deserves, please talk to our team.

Or call Vetwest Carine on 9404 1122. 

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