Merlin - Male - Approx 2-3 Years - American Blue Rabbit

2-3 Years
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Merlin is believed to be an American blue rabbit, he is approximately 2-3 years old.

Merlin is an inquisitive boy but can be quite undecided at times. He typically runs away from you at first approach but curiosity always get the better of him and will end up sitting next to you for his head scratches & pats. He always needs to know what's going on around him, he loves exploring and knowing where you are at the same time. He is not fond of being picked up, but he will tolerate it.

Merlin has not been trialed with any other animals. He spends his day zooming and jumping around, so would best be placed in a home with plenty of space for him to run around

His adoption is FREE and includes a take-home pack which includes discount vouchers for:

  •                 Microchipping
  •                 Vaccinations

If you think you can offer Merlin the loving home he deserves, please call Vetwest Midland on 9404 1160 to arrange a meeting.

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