Proheart - Yearly Heartworm Injection for dogs

ProHeart SR-12 Injection is a once-a-year product for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs. Its sustained-release formula ensures a full 12 months protection from a single dose administered by your veterinarian. The once a year injection provides the following benefits:-

  • eliminates the need to remember monthly heartworm tablets
  • you will receive ONE yearly reminder for your pet's booster vaccination
  • it can safely be combined with your pet's vaccination or annual check-up
  • the injection is quick

When can your dog receive once a year heartworm prevention?

We can administer an injection from the age of 6 months of age. This will be followed by a booster at 15 months of age after which your pet will be required to have a yearly booster for life.

If your adult dog is not receiving any form of monthly heartworm protection or has had a break in prevention, he/she may require testing. Our veterinarian will discuss this with you prior to administering the injection.

Can your dog change from monthly heartworm treatment to the yearly injection?

If your dog is already receiving monthly heartworm protection, you can swap immediately to the once a year injection.

Can Proheart be used on cats?

No, unfortunately Pro-heart is only available for the treatment of heartworm disease in canines (dogs).

What do you need to do next?

To organise a ProHeart injection for your dog simply contact us by phone to make an appointment.