Cat Boarding in South Perth & Wanneroo

Cats in the City is a comfortable and caring home away from home for your cat.
Our brand new cat boarding facility in South Perth and Wanneroo (now open) is designed for cats to have a relaxing, enjoyable and safe experience while you’re away. All while in the complete care of our Vetwest healthcare professionals.

Call us Monday to Friday: 0800-1600 to speak to our Cats in The City Team
South Perth 9404 1187  & Wanneroo 9404 1178

For enquiries outside these hours please phone the clinics directly: South Perth: 9404 1140 / Wanneroo: 9404 1177

Have peace of mind knowing your cat is safe

  • In the complete care of our veterinary healthcare team
  • Suites to board cats from the same household
  • Luxury individual suites
  • Cat adventure and enrichment area
  • 24/7 Kitty Cams available*
  • Different condo options to suit your budget
  • Located in South Perth and Wanneroo
  • Now open North of the river in Wanneroo!

*Kitty cam not yet available at Wanneroo Cats in the City

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Peace of mind and continued high quality of care

Have complete peace of mind that your cat will receive first class care throughout their stay in our dedicated cat boarding facilities. Our healthcare team including qualified veterinary nurses and veterinarians are always nearby and on hand to help. If your cat is on medication we will continue treatment as instructed.

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Premium luxury individual suites

Your cat will have a range of room options to choose from suiting your budget and their personal requirements. Each suite has separate areas for sleeping, scratching and toileting with lots of room to move around, stretch and play. Choose from standard, premium and deluxe suites with options for multiple pets to board together.

Room types

  • Standard – Our standard suites are cosy and comfortable and offer all the essentials to ensure your cat has a relaxing stay with us. Suitable for a short stay they feature a private litter tray area. Suitable for single cats only.

  • Premium – Our premium suites offer an executive size for cats who demand more room than the standard suite or will be staying a bit longer with us. Our premium suites offer a private litter tray area, a separate larger sleeping area and can house 2 cats from the same household.

  • Deluxe – The deluxe suite is the 5-star experience for your cat. Suitable for short, medium and long-term stays, this is our largest condo available. It has a private litter tray room, separate sleeping area and an upstairs playroom. Suitable for up to 2 cats to enjoy the finer things life has to offer.

Taking Care Of Your Cat

TLC – Your pets, our family

The team at Cats in the City are passionate about felines. You can be assured your friend will receive plenty of attention and cuddles during their stay with us.

Premium cat food

We will feed your cat premium cat food morning and night or as per your instructions. If your cat is on a prescription diet or has specific dietary needs, you can bring their food with you on admission.

Play and exercise

Don’t worry about your cat being in their room all day long, they will have access to our wonderful cat run and adventure area for enrichment and exercise during their stay.

Updates of your cat’s stay with Kitty Cam

Follow your cat’s holiday with our Kitty Cams at Cats in the City South Perth. Enjoy 24/7 video monitoring of your cat’s suite available to view on your computer, tablet and mobile. Watch them sleep, stretch and scratch and know they’re safe and comfortable during their stay. Access fees apply. Not available at Cats in the City Wanneroo.

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South Perth 9404 1187 and Wanneroo 9404 1178 or email us at catsinthecity@vetwest.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I tour your facilities?
    We welcome you to tour our facilities during our open hours. Just contact us at Vetwest South Perth 9404 1187 or Vetwest Wanneroo 9404 1178 to arrange a suitable time.
  • Are the suites air-conditioned?
    Our facilities are air-conditioned and every suite features individual air ventilation ducts to provide a completely odour free environment for our guests.

  • Do dogs have access to the area?
    Our facilities are completely canine free and fully secured.

  • Is there anything I need to do before my cat comes to visit?
    To ensure the well-being of all cats, vaccinations must be current. If your cat has not been vaccinated by one of our practices, we must sight proof of vaccination before boarding your feline companion. As a general rule, cats should be fully vaccinated at least 10-14 days prior to their stay with us. If your cat needs to be vaccinated we can assist at any of our 16 Vetwest Animal Hospitals across Perth.

    For the comfort and protection of others, we also request that your cat is up to date with flea and worm prevention.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Vetwest South Perth 9404 1187 or Vetwest Wanneroo 9404 1178

Booking, cancellation and refund terms and conditions

  • Full payment must be made at the time of booking.
    Cancellations:  Where 14 days or a greater notice is provided, the client is entitled to a full refund.  Notice periods less than 14 days, varying refunds apply. 13 – 8 days notice = 70% refund, 7 – 5 days notice = 50% and less than 4 days notice we are unable to provide a refund. Please call us as soon as possible on 9404 1187 if you need to cancel a booking.