A long labour of love

Jazmyn is a 2 year old Kelpie who was presented to Vetwest Wanneroo for a post whelping (birth) check one afternoon. The first time mum had started going into labour around 10.30pm the night before, and had delivered 4 healthy pups. She appeared to have finished her labour of love at 1am that morning. Jazmyn seemed quite settled throughout the day but her owner had wisely booked her in for a post whelping check with us that afternoon (which is usually recommend within 24 hours of the birth).

On examination, Jazmyn was bright but still quite rounded in her abdomen. On palpation, more pups were suspected and this was confirmed on x-ray. It was now around 13 hours since her last puppy was delivered and there were fears for the safety of her unborn ones. Upon examination, no pups were blocking her birth canal and Jazmyn was diagnosed with uterine inertia, which is a condition where there is inadequate uterine activity or contractions to expel all her pups. Jazmyn was given injections of Oxytocin to help restimulate uterine contractions and a further two puppies were delivered safely, bringing her litter size to 6, with all 3 boys and 3 girls alive and well!
Mum and pups have continued to do well after this long labour (apart from a mild case of mastitis) and her pups will be finding new homes soon.

Deciding whether to allow your female dog to have puppies is not a decision to be made lightly and consideration must always be taken into account about the possibility of things not always going to plan. For more information about dog breeding and pregnancy, please click on the below links or visit our Pet Library.


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