Total Wellness Plan FAQ

Total Wellness Plan FAQ2022-10-05T03:49:54+08:00
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Producs are Used?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simparica a safe product?2022-09-04T19:39:14+08:00

Simparica is an FDA and APVMA-approved flea and tick control product that is recommended for monthly use and is considered safe to use in dogs. More than 200 million doses have been distributed globally, protecting pets all over the world.
The active ingredient Sarolaner is a member of the isoxazoline class, which is the same class of medication used in other flea control products such as NexGard and Bravecto. All isoxazoline medications control fleas and other parasites through effects on the parasite’s nervous system. Side effects to the isoxazoline family of parasiticides are rare and are most likely to include vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy. On very rare occasions, seizures have been observed. Most reactions to the isooxazoline class are self-limiting and of short duration. Vetwest uses and recommends isooxazoline products for flea control because we believe they are safe and effective and provide a significant health benefit to our patients. If you have any concerns, please contact us or contact the product support number provided by the manufacturer on the packaging.

You can find out more on the Zoetis website

How do I receive my products?2022-10-05T02:19:29+08:00

Monthly parasite control products (flea control, intestinal wormers and heartworm prevention if included in your plan) will be posted to you, timed to arrive on the working day before your pet is due for treatment each month. For injections (annual vaccination and heartworm prevention injection) you will need to visit the hospital with your pet. We will send you a reminder when these are due.

How often can I visit the veterinarian at no charge?2022-10-05T02:19:22+08:00

Unlimited standard consultations are included in our Classic plans so if you choose this option, you can visit as many times as you like throughout the year. If you feel your pet is unwell or have any questions about their health, you can simply phone one of our clinics for an appointment.

How much does the Total Wellness Plan cost?2022-10-05T02:19:15+08:00

Please click here to visit pricing details.

Can I use different products to those selected in the Wellness Plan by Vetwest?2022-10-05T02:19:10+08:00

We have selected our Wellness Plan products with your pet’s optimum health care in mind. Our selection enables us to provide the best healthcare possible at the most affordable price for you, therefore we are not able to substitute a different product.

My pet is a puppy or kitten. Does the Total Wellness Plan cover for their initial vaccinations?2022-10-05T02:19:03+08:00

The Total Wellness Plan includes one vaccination per year. Any additional puppy and kitten booster vaccinations are not included.

Can I use my Total Wellness Plan at any Vetwest Animal Hospital?2022-10-05T02:18:57+08:00

Your Total Wellness Plan can be used at any Vetwest Animal Hospital in Western Australia. This also means if your usual Vetwest Animal Hospital is closed at any time such as Sundays and after hours you can visit our other hospitals who have extended hours. For opening hours and locations visit this link

I’m interested and want to enrol, what next?2022-10-05T02:18:05+08:00

Drop into one of our practices to complete an enrolment form. You will then receive any treatments that are currently required and your program will be outlined.

How does payment by monthly instalments work?2022-10-05T02:18:00+08:00

Our monthly payment plan option offers an easy way to budget for your pet’s wellness care. We will direct debit your bank account on a monthly basis commencing from the date of your agreement. Unless cancelled 7 days prior to your one year anniversary date your annual membership will renew automatically.

If I join the Total Wellness Program is there a waiting period before I can bring my pet in to see the vet?2022-10-05T02:17:55+08:00

No, there is no waiting period. You can bring your pet in to see us for a free primary consultation immediately.

Why does the price vary for dogs of different sizes (weight)?2022-10-05T02:17:49+08:00

Vaccinations and parasite control products used in the Total Wellness Plan are tailored to suit your dog’s size. The plan prices are a reflection of the products required by your pet.

How do I change my address?2022-10-05T02:17:45+08:00

Visit our Contact Us page and select the option to ‘Change address details’ on the Contact Us Online form.

Can I cancel my plan?2022-10-05T02:17:41+08:00

In the unfortunate event of a pet’s death, the Total Wellness Plan will be cancelled and payments stopped once Vetwest Animal Hospitals is notified. Plans purchased upfront will be eligible for an adjustment credit based on the remainder of the plan only.

In the event of a plan being cancelled for any reasons other than a pet passing, monies outstanding on the remainder of the plan (12 months) are payable by the client, regardless of use.

What is included in a pets physical examination?2023-08-31T17:17:36+08:00
  • Coat and skin assessment
  • Musculo-skeletal assessment
  • Heart and lung assessment
  • Body and weight condition evaluation
  • Dental health examination
  • Ear examination
  • Neurological assessment
  • Abdominal palpation
  • Urogenital evaluation
  • Anal gland assessment

What products are included?


Spot-on flea control for cats and dogs

Check your pet’s dose or find out more below:

Precautions – Avoid contact with surfaces. For full precautions and safety information please visit the supplier’s website here.


Spot-on treatment for cats and dogs that prevents heartworm infections, treats and controls fleas and intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

Check your pet’s dose or find out more below:

Precautions – Avoid contact with surfaces. For full precautions and safety information please visit the supplier’s website here.

Simparica Trio2022-09-04T19:38:10+08:00

Tasty chewable tablet that protects against common parasites killing intestinal worms and provides superior protection against deadly heartworms. It also kills 100% of fleas and prevents tick bites.

Check your pet’s dose or find out more below:


Intestinal wormer for cats

Check your pet’s dose or find out more information

Tapewormer for cats

Check your pet’s dose or find out more information

All wormer for dogs. For the control of: roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

Check your pet’s dose or find out more information

Illium Pyraqyantal2022-09-04T19:37:49+08:00

All wormer for dogs. For the control of: roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

Find out more information here


We use premium vaccines to provide optimal protection for your pet.

For Dogs a C5 Vaccination – to protect against, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza (Kennel cough – viral), Bordatella bronchisepta (Kennel cough – bacterial) For Cats a F5 Vaccination – to protect against Panleucopaenia (Feline enteritis), Rhinotracheitis (Feline herpes virus), Calicivirus (Cat flu), Chlamydophila (Chlamydia), Leukaemia.

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