Fresh breath, clean teeth for a Corgi

During dental month we were inundated with patients visiting for their complimentary dental health check-up. We saw many mouths and many teeth, some of which were bright and shiny and others that needed some attention. Dental month is a great time for us to reinforce the potential dangers of leaving dental problems untreated.

In this case, a 12 year old Corgi presented to us with bad breath. He had also stopped eating which was our immediate concern. Upon inspection of his teeth we found severe gingivitis, tartar build up, gum recession and teeth desperately in need of extraction. Unknown to many owners, pets with dental problems (including mild problems) can be in considerable pain, no different to a human with a toothache.

In this case we whisked the Corgi off for a dental under a general anaesthetic and removed the calculus and several teeth. We are happy to announce he is back eating soft food, feeling much happier and has lovely fresh breath.


In general, dental problems left untreated are painful and can lead to other significant health problems.

We thank our Corgi's owner for helping us to share the message about the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy.


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