Snakebite victim "Thor", helps to spread a warning

Quick action by the owners of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Thor, paid off last month. Thor was wandering around a work yard when he received a nasty surprise from a snake. Unaware of the incident, Thor's owners brought him into see us after noticing that he was wobbly on his feet and disorientated. A urine test confirmed that he had been bitten by a dugite and a course of antivenom and intravenous fluids enabled Thor to make a full recovery.

Vetwest have diagnosed and treated a record number of snakebite victims since the start of the warmer weather.All pet owners are warned to be cautious. Keep dogs on leads where you know or suspect there are snakes such as parklands, wetlands and beach dunes. Clearing rubbish piles and keeping long grass cut can also reduce the number of hiding spots for snakes around the home.

Select this link to read more about snakebite including signs of a bite.

The most important thing to remember is if you suspect your pet has been bitten, see your veterinarian immediately.

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