The prices we charge for desexing cats and dogs are based on the quality and amount of services we provide for your pet.

We strive to ensure that your pet’s surgery is as safe as possible. We use the best quality anaesthesia presently available to veterinarians, similar to that used for human anaesthesia. A pulse oximeter, and respiratory monitor is attached to your pet during the entire surgical procedure. An IV catheter is placed so that fluids can be used to keep your pet’s blood pressure at a safe level during surgery. A warming pad is used to reduce the danger of hypothermia.

We use high quality suture material. Sterile gloves, gowns, drapes and surgical instruments ensure the cleanest, germ-free operating area.

On a one-to-one basis, our qualified nursing team monitors your pet’s post-operative recovery until your pet is breathing safely on their own.

The surgery fee includes a pre-surgical exam, a one day stay in our hospital, post-operative pain medications and a post-surgical checks before discharge. Optional services include pre-anaesthetic blood work to more thoroughly examine your pet’s health status before surgery.

We are very proud of the high quality of service we offer pets and their families.