From time to time your cat will require medication such as worming tablets, or antibiotics. Giving tablets to your cat can be tricky business so here’s a few tips that can help make medication time less stressful for you and your cat.

Giving your cat a tablet

  1. Refer to the instructions given by your veterinarian, and double check that you have the correct amount of medication.
  2. Have your cat in a sitting position and place one hand on top of the cat’s head, over the ears. (holding cheek bones as demonstrated in the photo below)

  1. Tilt the head backwards so your cat’s nose is pointing to the ceiling. This will cause their mouth to open slightly.
  2. Hold the tablet between your thumb and index finger of your second hand as shown in the picture here.

  1. Open their mouth with the fingers of your other hand.
  2. Drop the tablet into the back of the throat as shown below.
  3. Close their mouth and rub the neck.
  4. Ensure the tablet has been swallowed.

For more information and for tips, including how to give a dog a tablet, read our Pet Library article here.

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