Lottie was brought to the Vetwest clinic in Currambine after being found by a few kind members of the public. She was bright and happy when they took her home, however, noticed that she was limping badly on her right hind leg. They booked her in for a check-up and examination of her leg to see if it was anything serious.

The vets gave Lottie a thorough examination and found her to be extremely sore around her right hip region. Radiographs were taken and revealed that she had a dislocated right hip! Occasionally, hip luxations can be repaired under sedation but unfortunately not in Lottie’s case. Lottie’s hips were not able to be manipulated back into place and surgery was required. Lottie’s carers made the decision to surrender her to Vetwest Currambine. We then arranged for our healthcare team to perform the surgery and get Lottie back to full health and then help her to find a new forever home through our Vetwest adoption program.

Lottie had a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) performed to recorrect her hip. This involves removing the head and neck of her right femur in order to restore pain-free movement. With the FHO procedure, the leg then relies on the large amount of muscle in the area to hold the femur in place.

Lottie recovered extremely well after her surgery, and after a few more days in hospital was adopted by one of the veterinarians in the Currambine clinic, who reports that she is walking well, climbing well, and even managing to find new antics to get up to every day.

If you notice lameness in your pet, you should seek veterinary attention promptly. Radiographs may be recommended to further investigate dislocations (such as with Lottie), fractures, ligament injury, or other diseases.

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