Meet Milly, the 16-year-old Wallaroo who came into the care of one of our practice managers when she was only a Joey. Milly and her mother were hit by a car and she had a broken leg. That leg was fixed all that time ago, but since has been deemed non-releasable and needed a safe home. She’s been hopping around loving life on her property since.

Recently, Milly was losing weight and having some difficulty eating and she would drool while trying to eat her Muesli. So, she was brought into Vetwest for the vets to take a look. She had a full health examination, blood test and dental x-rays, just like our regular cat/dog patients would. It was decided that she would need a scale and polish to clean her teeth but also to address an infection in her mouth.

After a scale and polish, a few extractions under anaesthetic and a course of antibiotics and pain relief, Milly bounced back to her usual happy self and was back running around with her mates on her 32-acre property. She’s now putting on weight and loving her food – as you can see from the picture of her tucking into her dinner.

It’s not often we get to perform procedures on Kangaroos but we love the opportunity to help a roo in need.

Just like with our dogs and cats, dental disease can be very painful for our pets and progress very quickly so it’s best to get regular dental checks and keep on top of dental management. If you have any concerns about your pet’s teeth, give one of our friendly team members a call.

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