Miss Piggy is a 13-year-old French Bulldog who came to see us at Vetwest Cockburn.  Miss Piggy had recently had eye surgery at a specialist hospital a few weeks prior and had been recovering well.

Miss Piggy’s owner advised she had recently become lethargic and inappetent for a number of days with rapid weight loss. Miss Piggy had not previously been sterilised and had been in oestrous (in season) 4 weeks prior to her visit.

After a thorough vet examination and appropriate diagnostics, it was found that Miss Piggy was most likely to be suffering from a closed pyometra (an infection in the uterus) which is life-threatening if untreated. Our vets quickly admitted Miss Piggy into surgery where they removed the infected uterus. It was a great outcome and the surgery was performed successfully.

Miss Piggy was then sent to WAVES emergency clinic for an overnight stay and returned to Vetwest Cockburn the following day for ongoing monitoring to ensure she was recovering well. She was then allowed to go back home with her owners for further care, enjoying her fun e-collar to keep her away from her sutures.

Just over a month later, Miss Piggy is making good progress and is happily able to do some gentle work-outs with her family at home. We are so happy she has made a good recovery!

Remember – if you notice changes in your pets behaviour or eating habits, make sure to call your Vetwest healthcare team. Early diagnosis gives us the best chance to bring your pet back to their happy and healthy self once again.

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