All dogs are adventurous, but sometimes our four legged friends get more than they bargain for! This was the case for Mystra, who began her adventure with the simple act of trying to jump a picket gate, one she had jumped a number of times before. Unfortunately for her she caught herself as she cleared the top. Her cries of distress alerted her family who, unaware of what she had done, rushed from the house to find her entangled in the fence and in a lot of trouble.

Undaunted by her injury, her owners rescued Mystra and rushed her to Vetwest Carine. As she hobbled in the door the nurse on reception saw the severity of Mystra’s injury and emergency plans swung into action. She was seen immediately by the duty vet and within two minutes, Mystra had been given pain relief. Meanwhile, surgical nurses were preparing for the operation to come.

Mystra’s injury could only be described as horrific. There was an area of her skin larger than a dinner plate that had been torn away. Despite her injury, she was very tolerant of being examined. Remarkable in the circumstances and a testament to her temperament.

For the best outcome for Mystra, she needed her surgery performing as soon as possible. If we could not save this skin, she might need the leg amputating. She was rushed to surgery that evening, two nurses and the attending vet performed two and a half hours of surgery to re-attach the skin to her leg. This was just the start of a long road with frequent bandage changes and confinement needed. All with the knowledge that the outcome was not certain. Skin does not always survive such an injury. A daunting road was ahead.

At two weeks we breathed a sigh of relief, the worst was over. The outcome was amazing, with the skin healing except for one area the size of a 50 cent piece. Some quick thinking and quick action by both her owner’s and her hospital team had saved the day and her leg.

Mystra had landed on her feet after all. Oh, and her family tell us, she hasn’t tried to jump the fence again since!

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