Orangutan Rooftop Tour: a behind the scenes zoo experience for the Vetwest teams

Over the past weeks, the Vetwest teams have had a wonderful experience of participating in a guided keeper tour of the Orangutan exhibit at Perth Zoo. The visits included an entirely different view of the exhibit from the orangutan rooftop as well as time to learn more about these beautiful animals. Our teams had the opportunity to learn about the unfortunate environmental changes that are having a negative impact on the Orangutans' natural habitat as well as the things we can do to help these magnificent animals. Our appreciation goes to Perth Zoo for their wonderful hospitality and the opportunity they provided us.

The Orangutan Rooftop tour is open to the general public (minimum age of 12 applies) on certain days and times. To find out about availability and price, please contact Perth Zoo or visit www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au to learn more about the zoo and the animals.

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