Oscar is an active puppy that loves playing in the garden. One day he came in from his play outside with a sore looking eye. His owners were concerned and gave us a call. Lucky they did, because we like to see eye issues as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Oscar’s owners made an emergency appointment at Vetwest Yokine, and Oscar was examined by Dr Yolandé. Dr Yolandé has recently joined the Vetwest Yokine team and has a keen interest in veterinary ophthalmology. Oscar’s eye was examined with a slit-lamp biomicroscope and Dr Yolandé noticed something very concerning sitting in Oscar’s eye that was not supposed to be in there. The slit lamp biomicroscope allows us to examine the eye under 16X magnification and see the whole eye in more detail and see the structures more clearly.

When Oscar was playing in the garden, he got a splinter stuck in his cornea, which is the clear part on the front of the eye. Luckily for Oscar, the splinter did not go through the cornea, and Oscar got admitted to the hospital straight away to remove it.

Under general anaesthesia and using an operating microscope to allow the splinter to be seen, Dr Yolande removed the splinter and sutured the cornea with suture material the size of a human hair.

Oscar recovered well from his ordeal, and after a few weeks, he was running around outside again without a care in the world.

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