My name is Cassie. I am a veterinary nurse at Vetwest South Perth and have been running Puppy Preschool classes for almost three and a half years. I am currently running Puppy Preschool at both Vetwest South Perth and Bibra lake.

I have always been fascinated by the ability dogs have to learn, the way their brain works and what they are capable of. Puppy school has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with the community and help set up so many puppies with the right start to life. One of my favourite things about Puppy school is seeing the puppies’ confidence grow week by week and just how much they thrive.

I am about to embark on my next adventure continuing my education in dog training and behaviour to add to my knowledge so I can help more families and their fur babies in the future.

Here is me and my boy Merlin graduating puppy school!

You can find out more about Vetwest’s Puppy Preschool here. I hope to see you and your pup in one of my classes soon!

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