Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) WA is a no-cost service which is all about keeping people and their pets together. And as such, it’s as much about human wellbeing as it is about animal welfare.

Pets are vital to many elderly people. They provide loyal companionship, give their owners a purpose in life, enable them to remain in their own homes for longer and are particularly important for the socially isolated. However, age, medical emergency and disability can prevent many owners from being able to fully care for their pets and this is where POOPS can help.

  • POOPS WA is an incorporated non-profit association staffed entirely by volunteers
  • All our volunteers are police-cleared
  • POOPS volunteers assist pet-owners (over the age of 65, the disabled or palliative-care patients) in need who have no family or neighbours willing to help with their pets
  • Among the services POOPS provide are dog-walking, transport to/from veterinary clinics/grooming parlours/boarding kennels, feeding/medication. Sometimes a pet can be fed in their own home for a limited time if an owner is hospitalised
  • POOPS do not foster pets

Although all our services are free, POOPS is totally volunteer-staffed/run and rely on fundraising efforts and donations to function.

To find out more about the services that POOPS offer visit

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