Hey Guys,

My name is Jack and I am a trainee nurse and one of the puppy preschool instructors here at Vetwest. My favourite thing about being a Puppy Preschool instructor is how exciting the whole puppy stage is, the experiences that come with it and knowing that I helped make an impact on these puppies as they were growing up. Plus, who doesn’t love spending time with all the adorable puppies?

I believe puppy preschool is vital to providing your pup with the best start in life. I have even done it with my own little border collie puppy Winston.

I have a keen interest in exotic animals, so my goal is to eventually spend more time caring for these unique pets. I have a variety of different animals at my house. I have an Axolotl, a heap of tropical fish, two cats and two dogs with more to come.

I look forward to meeting you and your puppies in one of my classes soon. To find out more about Puppy Preschool click here.

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