Hi, my name is Jen! I am a veterinary nurse working at Vetwest Clarkson and other Vetwest clinics in the northern suburbs. I have been a veterinary nurse since March, however, have been working at Vetwest since September 2021 after doing several years of work experience whilst I was still at school. I have just started running a Puppy Preschool  class at Clarkson.

I love all aspects of nursing, particularly surgery and patient care as well as having a keen interest in veterinary nursing and behaviour. I have always been intrigued by how dogs learn, what they are capable of and also what they are able to teach us as dog owners! I am passionate about advocating for all animals and also helping people learn about animal behaviour.

The thing I love most about Puppy Preschool is seeing how the puppies develop into well-socialised and confident individuals, as well as seeing their little personalities flourish by the end of the classes.

Socialising my now 10-month-old chocolate Labrador from a young age, including at Puppy Preschool, has enabled her to develop a confident and happy life, being comfortable with all different environments, people and other animals. My recent experiences with Mabel over these last few months have inspired me to pass on my knowledge and help all new puppy owners along the journey.

Find out more about  Puppy Preschool here!

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