Breed Profiles

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Balinese are longhaired cats in the Oriental family and were developed from the long coated cats which occurred naturally in Siamese litters in the USA. They were named because their elegant shape [...]


The delicately coloured Burmilla is one of the most attractive breeds of cats. The breed began in England in 1981 with the accidental mating of a lilac Burmese and a Chinchilla - [...]

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is named after the English county where they first appeared. Appearance The Devon Rex is a feline version of "E.T". Their short wide-cheeked face, huge lowset batwing ears [...]


The exact origin of the Akita is not known but they were discovered in Japan where they became the National Dog of Japan. Akita's were initially used in the fishing industry and [...]


The Deerhound was once known as the Royal Dog of Scotland when there was a time when no person below the rank of Earl was permitted by law to own a Deerhound. [...]

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