Cool Cosmos. Learn more about warm and cold blooded animals and check out what animals look like in infrared light. See the differences between animals and how fur, feathers, and blubber insulate animals.

Taronga Conservation Society Australia. The home of the Taronga and Western Plains Zoo, which features loads of ‘keeper cams’, meet loads of zoo animals, and find out about the habitats they live in.

Stuff on My Cat. Crazy about cats? You will love this site! Please enjoy, however we don’t want to see any stuff on my cat related injuries at the clinic please.

Wheely Willy was once an abandoned dog with paralysed legs and vocal cords severed this tiny Chihuahua who lived at an animal hospital waiting for someone to take him home. Until a pet store owner did, and Wheely Willy with his K9 cart are celebrities, sharing stories of courage with fans.

Switcheroo Zoo. Make your own animals by combining the heads, bodies and legs of different animals together.

Gone to the Dogs. Find out what kind of dog you are by clicking on the word GAME on the left hand side of the screen.

Kids Web TV. Visit Eddy The Eco-Dog Online Games, activities, and plenty of entertainment for hours and hours of fun.

National Geographic Kids. Click on the ‘animals page’ and view loads of cool animal pics, get up close and personal with great white sharks and other dangerous species, download loads of stuff including videos, postcards and more.

DogTree. DogTree is a service that connects you with other dog owners. Use dogtree to find your dog a playmate or walking friend, arrange dog sitting, meet new dogs living nearby, place a free classified ad and keep up with local news and events.

Animals, mammals and more

BBC. Do you know how many species of bats there are in the world? Visit the science and nature page on the BBC website and take a quick quiz about mammals and more.

Australian Reptile Park. An interactive site with great information on all kinds of Australian wildlife including snakes and venom production.

Australian Museum. Discover the reptiles, birds, insects, marine life and mammals that live in Australia. Step back in time and learn about the extinct animals, from dinosaurs to people, interesting facts, games and cool movies.

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