Originating from Turkey, the Anatolian Shepherd are members of the Mastiff family. Unlike other herding breeds, their nomadic owners used them more for guarding and protection and they were made to live outdoors in the extremes of temperatures.

In both Turkey and Australia it has been found that this dog works well with goats and sheep. They are tough and hardy and get along well with other dogs, although they are not always good domestic pets as their independent nature and devotion as a herder has been known to cause them to attack their owners if the dog feels they are a threat to the herd.


Male and Female up to 80cm at the shoulder


Male up to 65kg, Female up to 55kg


Generally fawn or cream with a black mask on face

General appearance

Large and powerfully built, with broad strong head and dense double coat. Capable of great speed.


Steady and bold, naturally independent, very intelligent, confident and proud. Loyal and affectionate to owners but wary of strangers when mature.


9-15 years

Recommended for

Working and utility


Weekly brushing and bath when necessary


Moderate but regular exercise

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