The delicately coloured Burmilla is one of the most attractive breeds of cats. The breed began in England in 1981 with the accidental mating of a lilac Burmese and a Chinchilla – hence the name Burmilla. These two cats were owned by the Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg who saw the potential for a new breed in the four resulting kittens, which had the conformation of the Burmese but the silver tipped colouring of the Chinchilla. The Burmilla created great interest when exhibited at cat shows in England but the difficulty of obtaining the physique of the Burmese with the ideal colourings is a challenge to breeders and as a result these cats are not numerous.


The Burmilla’s head is the same as the Burmese, being gently rounded with medium to large ears. Their eyes are green and they have the lithe and muscular body of the Burmese and slightly longer hindlegs than forelegs.

The luminous coat is this breed’s crowning glory. The coat is slightly longer than that of the Burmese but soft, flat and glossy. The ground colour may be silver or gold, gently tipped in black, brown or other Burmese colours.


The Burmilla is as good natured as it is good looking! They are playful, affectionate and people oriented. Their exceptional disposition makes them an excellent choice for families with children and other pets.

Grooming and care

The Burmilla’s coat does not matt but it does shed a little. Regular brushing once to twice a week is recommended to remove loose hair.

Health Concerns

For the latest research in breed-related problems in Burmillas, visit the University of Sydney’s LIDA (Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals) website.

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