The Chinchilla cat is a type of Persian and is one of the most popular long-haired cat breeds. Their name is derived from a South American rodent which also has two-toned fur.


The Chinchilla cat is a separate colour classification of the Persian or Longhair. They have a silvery looking coat, with the characteristic sparkle coming from the black or silver tips on the luxurious white hair. The kittens are born almost black with heavy tabby markings, which disappear as they get older, making way for the pure white coat colour.

The Chinchillas have large, round and emerald green or blue-green eyes. Their body is not as stout as other long-haired cats. Their delicate colouring and fairy-like appearance belies the fact that they are a very hardy cat.

One of the most famous early Chinchillas was called Silver Lambkin, and it seems he was the originator of this distinctive colouring. He became quite famous, winning most of the major awards at the Crystal Palace Show in London in 1888.


The Chinchillas are quiet and placid cats. They have quite melodious voices and aptitude for adjusting to any new environment. They are affectionate and enjoy attention. They are more suited to mature families without children as they can become quite attached to their owners and need plenty of grooming attention.


As with all long-haired cats, the Chinchilla cat needs grooming daily, and no potential owner should proceed unless this commitment can be made. Chinchillas moult heavily twice a year and shed some hair all year round.

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