Cats love to have a birds eye view, and to be able to explore their environment. However, this often means you may find them on top of inappropriate objects such as kitchen benches, tables, chairs, TV’s, and in some situations, even climbing the curtains.

Provide appropriate climbing opportunities

It is normal for a cat to climb and scratch, that is why it is important for them to have somewhere appropriate to climb.

Designate cat climbing objects or areas for your cat to use. For example, install a climbing post and connect it to a special viewing platform such as a bookshelf. You can even secure a box or small cat bed on the shelf so he/she can seek comfort from their viewing position.

If at first they are not interested in their new climbing equipment, place some of his/her favourite food treats or toys on the platform or shelf. Also make sure you use lots of positive encouragement when they are exploring the new area.

Prevent your cat from climbing on inappropriate objects

If you find your cat climbing on inappropriate objects, deter him/her by using some of the following techniques.

  • cover the area with double sided tape – the unpleasant surface will act as a deterrent.
  • place shallow dishes containing water near the area. As your cat leaps on to the surface, the water will deter him/her.
  • trim your cats’ nails. This will make it difficult for him/her to climb.
  • if all else fails… when you catch your cat in action (climbing or clawing) use a fine spray of water to deter them. After a few times, they will associate this behaviour with the unpleasant spray and stop their actions.

For more advice on preventing your cat from climbing, please feel free to ask one of our healthcare team members.

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