So where can you legally take your pet for some off the lead exercise? A question we thought easily answered but after hours of surfing the web this seemingly easy task became quite a job. Nevertheless we have finally come up with a list of council approved and in some cases restricted dog exercise areas in and around Perth. This list provides a general guideline for pet owners and of course regulations change frequently, so make sure you review the latest council policies before heading out with your pet.

General guidelines for using parks, beaches and open spaces for dog exercise

As a general rule, most councils apply a similar set of guidelines for using open spaces for dog exercise activities. Once again, we strongly recommend you review your local council policies before heading out with your pet because these rules do change from area to area. Here is a guide to the main ‘rules’ of dog friendly parks and places:-

  • Dogs are not allowed on land which has been set apart as a children’s playground, a car park or an area currently being used for sporting or other activities
  • Within authorised dog exercise areas, owners can exercise their dogs without a lead, provided the dog is under supervision and effective control.
  • You must carry a lead with you at all times.
  • Of course your dog’s ‘poo’ is your problem, and should be disposed of by you immediately.

We encourage all dog owners to do the right thing. It only takes one dog owner to do the wrong thing and spoil the access rights we all enjoy as pet owners to public spaces. Most of which are already very limited

Council approved / restricted dog friendly exercise areas

  • City of Armadale –

    Dogs must be on lead in the following reserves:-

    • Minnawarra Park, Armadale

    Dogs are NOT allowed in the following areas:-

    • Gwynne Park, Forrest Road, Armadale
    • Bob Blackburne, Champion Drive, Armadale
    • Memorial Park, Orchard Avenue, Armadale
    • John Dunn, Third Avenue, Kelmscott
    • Morgan Park, Doorigo Road, Armadale
    • Springdale Park, Springdale Road, Karragullen

Town of Bassendean –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Bassendean – Carman Way, Anzac Terrace, Ireland Way, Palmerston Square, May Holman, Pickering Park, Troy Street, Parmelia Way
  • Eden Hill – Freeland Way, Mary Crescent, Padbury Court
  • Ashfield – Ashfield Flats, Gary Blanch Park, Ashfield Reserve between Guildford Road and the line of the fire track on the reserve.

Dogs must be on lead in the following reserves:-

  • Sandy Beach, Jubilee Oval, Success Hill

City of Bayswater –

Visit the City of Bayswater’s website for an extensive list of dog-friendly exercise areas. Here are a couple of popular ones.

  • Crimea Park, Crimea Street Morley – This reserve is also a recognised dog exercise area when not used for sporting activities.
  • DeLacey Reserve, Hillside Crescent Maylands – This reserve has also been allocated as a dog exercise area when sporting activities are not in progress
  • Riverside Gardens, Milne Street, Bayswater
  • Pat O’Hara Reserve, cnr Wellington Road and Mangini Street in Morley (next to YMCA, 2 mins walk from Morley Galleria)

City of Belmont –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Arlunya Park, Cloverdale
  • Belmont Oval (opp Forster Park), Cloverdale
  • Brearley Avenue Reserve, Redcliffe
  • Copely Street Reserve, Rivervale
  • Cracknell Park, Rivervale
  • Forster Park, Cloverdale
  • Harman Park, Belmont
  • Hoskin Park, Cloverdale
  • Lions Park, Rivervale
  • McLarty Street Reserve, Cloverdale
  • Middleton Park, Cloverdale
  • Miles Park, Cloverdale
  • Morgan Park, Redcliffe
  • Mozart Mews Park, Rivervale
  • Nance Park, Kewdale
  • Parkview Chase, Redcliffe
  • Peachey Park, Kewdale
  • Peet Park, Kewdale
  • Redcliffe Park, Redcliffe
  • Selby Park, Redcliffe
  • Wicca Park, Kewdale
  • Willow Lake Park, Cloverdale

Town of Cambridge –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • North Floreat Beach – north of storm water drain opposite Oban Road, City Beach to the boundary of City of Stirling (approx 2kms)
  • Ocean Village Park
  • Gifford Gardens
  • Elphin Street Median
  • Jubilee Park
  • City Beach Oval
  • South City Beach – south of the access path and opposite Dartmouth Avenue south to the boundary of City of Nedlands
  • Crosby Park Reserve
  • Grantham Park
  • Pat Goodridge Park
  • Lake Monger Park (a section opposite Kimberly Street bordering Lake Monger Drive and Mitchell Freeway)
  • Drabble Park
  • Boulevard Quarry Park
  • Empire Park

To see the locations of all the prescribed dog exercise areas in the Town you can download a very user friendly map on the council website.

City of Canning –

The City of Canning website has an extensive list of dog exercise areas which can be viewed on a user friendly downloadable map.

Town of Claremont –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Alex Prior Park – Victoria Avenue
  • Agett Road Reserve – Agett & Bay Roads
  • Claremont Park (with the exclusion of designated playground area) – Bay View Terrace
  • Cresswell Park – Cornwall Street
  • Lake Claremont Parkland
  • MacLagan Park (with the exclusion of designated playground area) – Corner of Mitford & Devon Streets
  • Parry Street Road Reserve Median
  • Moffilin Avenue Park – Corner of Stubbs Terrace & Mofflin Avenue
  • Mrs Herberts Park – river end of Bay Road (behind Claremont Museum)
  • Rowe Park (with exclusion of designated playground area) – Stevens Street
  • Foreshore between Chester Road & Alex Prior Park

You can read more details at

City of Cockburn –

Dog exercise areas include:-

Bibra Lake
  • Ramsay Park – Tetlow Place, Bibra Lake
  • Ferres Reserve – Lachlan Way, Bibra Lake
Coogee & North Coogee
  • Powell Reserve – Parakeet Way, Coogee
  • C Y O’Connor Beach – McTaggart Cove, North Coogee
  • Hargreaves Park – Counsel Road, Coolbellup
  • Jarvis Park – Quinlan Street, Coolbellup
  • Mamilllius Park – Archidamus Road, Coolbellup
  • Matilda Birkett Reserve – Whitmore Place, Coolbellup
  • Rinaldo Reserve – Lavinia Crescent, Coolbellup
Hamilton Hill
  • Dixon Reserve – Starling Street, Hamilton Hill
  • Hyam Street – Hyam Street, Hamilton Hill
  • Isted Reserve – Packham Road, Hamilton Hill
  • Southwell Reserve – Southwell Crescent, Hamilton Hill
  • Wheeler Road Reserve – Wheeler Road, Hamilton Hill
  • Yarra Vista Dog Park – Off-Leash Dog Park, Dean Street, Jandakot
  • Hagan Park – Compton Close, Munster
  • Jervoise Bay – Jervoise Bay Cove, Munster
North Lake
  • Basett Reserve – Rossetti Court, North Lake
  • Monaco Park – Waugh Court, North Lake

South Lake

  • Glen Mia Park – Glenbawn Drive, South Lake
  • Bavich Reserve – MacMorris Way, Spearwood
  • Bishop Park – Huxley Place, Spearwood
  • McFaull Park – Melun Street, Spearwood
  • Alabaster Park – Jubilee Ave, Success
  • Steiner Park – Baningan Ave, Success
  • Srdarov Reserve – Miro Street, Wattleup
  • Levi Park – Plover Drive, Yangebup
  • Ronsard Park – Williamburry Drive, Yangebup

Town of Cottesloe –

Dogs are allowed to exercise on the following beaches:

  • South Cottesloe Beach which is defined as that area from the south or small groyne at Beach Street all the way south to Mosman Beach
  • Vera View Beach – Dogs have restricted access to this beach before 10am and after 4pm from 1 October to 31 March each year

City of Fremantle – 

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Rocky Bay foreshore, Rule Street, North Fremantle
  • North Fremantle foreshore, Johanna Street, North Fremantle
  • Beach Street Reserve, Beach Street/Canning Hwy, Fremantle
  • Fremantle Park, Ellen/Ord Street, Fremantle *
  • Knutsford Street Playground, Knutsford/Swanbourne Street, Fremantle
  • Wilson Park, South Terrace/Douro Rd, South Fremantle
  • Parmelia Street Reserve, Parmelia/Chester Street, South Fremantle
  • Bruce Lee Reserve, South/Caesar Street, Beaconsfield *
  • Davis Park, Conway/Edgar Court, Beaconsfield
  • Hilton Park, Lefroy/Carrington Street, Hilton. *
  • Griffiths Place Reserve, Griffiths Place/Nicholas Crescent, Hilton
  • Grigg Place Park, Grigg Place/Snook Crescent, Hilton
  • Sir Frederick Samson Park, Sellenger/McCombe Avenue, Samson
  • Horrie Long Reserve, Amherst/Forrest Street, Fremantle
  • Gibson Park, High/Chudleigh Street, Fremantle *
  • South Beach Reserve (north of Douro Rd to Sailing Club only)
  • Marine Terrace, South Fremantle
  • Leighton Beach (area north of railway footbridge), Port Beach Rd, North Fremantle
  • Stevens Reserve, Stevens/Swanbourne Street Fremantle

* Dogs must be on a leash if a sporting event is in progress.

City of Gosnells – 

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Wickens Street Park, Beckenham.
  • Packer Park, Dudley Road, Kenwick.
  • Southern River Road Park, 1500 metres east of Ranford Road, Southern River.
  • Gibbs Park, Alcock Street, Maddington.
  • Hester Park, Spencer Road, Langford.
  • Linear Park, Ailsworth Court, Thornlie.
  • Robinson Park, Corfield Street, Gosnells.
  • Reserve 43367, adjacent to Burslem Drive/Heron Place, Maddington (as signposted).
  • Armstrong Park, Warton Road, Huntingdale.
  • John Okey Davis Park, Homestead Road, Gosnells.
  • Regional Open Space, Adjacent to Parkside Drive, Jacqueline Drive, Thornlie (as signposted).

City of Joondalup – 

Suburbs that fall under the City of Joondalup include Burns Beach, Kinross, Iluka, Currambine, Woodvale, Joondalup, Connolly, Ocean Reef, Edgewater, Beldon, Mullaloo, Kallaroo, Heathridge, Craigie, Hillarys, Kingsley, Sorrento, Duncraig, Greenwood, Padbury, Marmion and Warwick.

The dog beach at Hillarys is a designated beach reserve. The beach is located off Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys.

Dogs are welcome in most of the City’s parks, check the signage at your local park for any specific restrictions.

The Iluka / Burns Beach coastal walk path is a lovely walk for on leash dogs. Burns Beach Cafe is a dog friendly and a local dog hotspot.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the following areas:-

  • Percy Doyle Reserve, Duncraig
  • Heathridge Park, Heathridge
  • Mawson Park, Hillarys
  • Whitford Nodes, Hillarys
  • Blue Lake Park, Joondalup
  • Central Park, Joondalup
  • Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup
  • Mullaloo Foreshore, Mullaloo
  • Tom Simpson Park, Mullaloo
  • Macdonald Reserve, Padbury

Shire of Kalamunda –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Jorgensen Park: Bordered by Spring and Crescent Roads.  Kalamunda
  • Old Railway Reserve: Bordered by Williams, Elizabeth and Tella Streets and Railway Road. Kalamunda
  • Reserve: Corner of Alpine and Bird Roads. Kalamunda
  • Ledger Road Reserve: Bordered by Huntley Street and Longfellow Road. Gooseberry Hill
  • Reserve: The Boulevard. Gooseberry Hill
  • Seaton Park: Bordered by Fletcher and Lesmurdie Roads. Lesmurdie
  • Flora Terrace Park: Bordered by Orangedale Road and Walyunga Street. Lesmurdie
  • Hugh Sanderson Reserve: Warlingham Drive and Chislehurst Road. Lesmurdie
  • Ray Owen Reserve: Willoughby Road and Gladys Road (South West Corner). Lesmurdie
  • Old Railway Reserve: between Collins and Lesmurdie Roads. Lesmurdie
  • Old Railway Reserve: Lesmurdie Road East to Kennedya Road. Walliston
  • SEC Easement: bordered by Palmateer Drive from Halleendale and Lawnbrook Roads. Bickley
  • Alan Anderson Park: corner of Lawnbrook and Pomeroy Roads. Bickley
  • Western Power Easement: between Holmes Road and Passiflora Drive. Forrestfield
  • Reserve: adjoining and running parallel to Tonkin Highway west of Hale Road intersection. Forrestfield
  • Federation Gardens: Hartfield Park. Forrestfield
  • Progress Park: bordered by Cyril Road and Bandalong Way. High Wycombe
  • MacKenzie Park: bordered by Netherwood Road and Albermarle Way. High Wycombe
  • Western Power Easement: eastern side of Roe Highway between Kalamunda and Maida Vale Roads. Maida Vale
  • Reserve: bordered by Booralie Way and Lot 66 Tambulan Road. Maida Vale
  • Reserve: corner of Norwood and Hawtin Roads Maida Vale
  • Whistle Pipe Gully. Entry via Orange Valley Road or Lewis Road. Lesmurdie.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the following areas:-

  • Stirk Park Kalamunda
  • Kostera Oval (turf grassed playing area) Kalamunda
  • Hartfield Park (except the Federation Gardens)  Forrestfield
  • Pioneer Park (turf grassed playing area) Forrestfield
  • Scott Reserve High Wycombe
  • Maida Vale Reserve (turf grassed playing area) Maida Vale

Town of Kwinana –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Harry McGuigan Park, Medina
  • Littlemore Park, Orelia
  • Skottowe Parkway, Parmelia
  • Wellard Park, Homestead Ridge
  • Peace Park, Parmelia
  • Sloans Reserve, Leda
  • 288 De Haer Road, Wandi

City of Mandurah –

Download the City of Mandurah Dog Owner’s Guide for an extensive list at

City of Melville –

Visit this link on the the City of Melville website for an extensive list of restricted on lead and banned dog exercise areas.

Town of Mosman Park –

The Town of Mosman Park dog exercise areas are listed below and you can download a user friendly map on their website.

  • Minim Cove Park – The parklands and foreshore area only from the walkway starting at Downey Drive to the City of Fremantle boundary at Edwards Parade Roundabout.
  • Genders Park – The park area bordered by Beagle Street, McCabe Street, Briggs Street and Glenn Avenue.
  • Bayview Park – The park area bordered by Chine Place, Bayview Terrace and the southern boundary of the Mosman Park Bowling Club. Dogs must be restrained on a leash in Jabe Dodd Park at all times.
  • Mosman Beach – Dogs must be restrained on a leash whilst in carparks or on walkways.
  • EG Smith Field – The park area bordered by Wellington Street, Owston Street and Mosman Park Golf Club.
  • Stringfellow Park – The park area bordered by Read Avenue and Hayes Terrace.
  • Rope Works Park – The park area bordered by The Rope Walk and Kinnear Ramble.
  • Davis Oval – The park area bordered by Lochee Street, Hope Street, Solomon Street, the Mosman Park Pre-Primary School and Nash Field.
  • Memorial Park – The park area borderd by Palmerston Street, Memorial Drive, Bayview Terrace and Iona Presentation College.

City of Nedlands –

Popular dog exercise areas include:-

  • Swanbourne Oval – Odern Cres, Swanbourne
  • College Park – corner of Bay Rd and Princess Rd, Nedlands
  • Carrington Park – Carrington St, Nedlands
  • Nedlands Foreshore

All of the City’s parks and reserves can be used as dog exercise areas except land which has been physically set apart as a children’s playground or any areas being used for sporting or other activities.

Shire of Peppermint Grove – 

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Manners Hill Park Reserve
  • Northern part of Foreshore Reserve between Leake Street and Bindaring Parade

City of Perth –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Wellington Square.

City of Rockingham –

The following areas have been designated as dog beach exercise areas:

  • Shoalwater Beach, Arcadia Drive
  • The public beach bounded on the east by Hymus Street and extending generally in a westerly direction and then in a southerly direction and bounded on the south by Boundary Road
  • The public beach bounded on the east by Hymus Street and extending in a westerly direction and then in a southerly direction and bounded on the south by Boundary Road
  • The public beach bounded on the north by prolongation of McLarty Road, on the east by Arcadia Drive and on the south by the northern boundary of Mersey Point car park
  • The public beach bounded on the west from the eastern side of the Bent Street boat ramp, on the north by Safety Bay Road and on the east from the western side of the Donald Drive boat ramp
  • The public beach bounded on the north by, and 40 metres to the north, of a prolongation of Shelton Street, on the east by Blakey and Fendham Streets and on the south by prolongation of St Malo Close
  • The public beach bounded on the north by the northern-most part of Capella Pass carpark beach access and extending generally in a southerly direction for a distance of 1km
  • The public beach bounded on the north by the boundary of Port Kennedy and Secret Harbour and in a southerly direction to the public beach access of Siracusa Court carpark
  • The public beach bounded on the north by a prolongation of Crystaluna Drive and extending in a southerly direction for a distance of 500 metres
  • The public beach bounded on the north by a prolongation of Bight Reefs Road and extending in a southerly direction to the southern boundary of the district

City of South Perth –

You can download an excellent map of the various restricted and non-restricted areas at

The map covers areas in South Perth, Como, Manning, Kensington, Waterford, Karawara and Salter Point.

City of Stirling – 

Dogs are welcome in most of the City of Stirling’s parks and reserves, with the exception of most beaches. All dogs must be kept on a leash in Stirling Civic Gardens, Stirling and Albert James Park, Joondanna. All other public parks within the City of Stirling are classified as Dog Exercise Areas and as such, dogs can be exercised without a leash attached.

– Millington Reserve, Jeanes Road, Karrinyup.
– Carine Open Space, Beach Road, Carine.

Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach – Enclosed Dog Park

Great, new enclosed dog area in North Beach. Right next to a great playground for the kids and close to the beach. This is a top facility in the area.

Inglewood Enclosed Dog Park

Stancliffe St off Central Ave, Mt Lawley Inglewood
Take the turning after Stancliffe St. on the right from Central Ave for the best parking immediately outside this new facility.
Stirling Council have been trialling this enclosed park. Public comment has now closed but this is still a great place to take socialised dogs. Fully enclosed with a sand pit, some jumping logs and a water bowl area. Toilets nearby for humans too.

Dog beach locations

  • Extending northwards 200m from the City’s southern boundary at Peasholm Street, Scarborough
  • Between Kathleen and Bennion Streets, Trigg
  • Between Castle and Margaret streets, North Beach

City of Subiaco –

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Mueller Park between Roberts and Subiaco Roads, near Perth Modern School.
  • Cliff Sadlier Park, Cunningham Terrace, Daglish.
  • Troy Terrace/Richardson Terrace, Daglish.
  • Railway Reserve, Stubbs Terrace, Jolimont.
  • Rankin Reserve, Railway Road, Shenton Park.
  • Rosalie Park upper level only between Onslow Road and Thomas Street (between 5.00am – 8.30am only)
  • Kitchener Park Roberts Road, adjacent to Subiaco Oval.
  • The Palms Rokeby Road/Nicholson Road, Subiaco
  • JH Abrahams Reserve, The Avenue, Crawley (between 5.00am and 8.30am only)
  • McCallum Park, McCallum Street/Stubbs Terrace, Daglish
  • Jersey Street Reserve, Jersey Street, Troy Terrace

City of Swan –

  • Whiteman Park (Whiteman)
  • Reg Bond Reserve, Viveash.
  • Aveley Dog Park, Ellenbrook
  • You can exercise your dog on all City reserves, excluding the following restricted areas.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the following areas:-

  • Emu Lakes (Ballajura);
  • Altone Park Lake (Beechboro);
  • Sacramento Park (Beechboro);
  • Maguire Park (Beechboro);
  • Stirling Square (Guildford);
  • Talbot Road Bushland (Swan View/Stratton);
  • John George Walk Trail (Viveash); and
  • Lightning Swamp Bushland (Noranda).

Town of Victoria Park – 

Visit the Town of Victoria Park website for a list of dog exercise areas.

Town of Vincent – 

Dog exercise areas include:-

  • Leederville – Britannia Road Reserve – Bounded by Britannia Rd, Brentham St and parallel with the Mitchell Freeway. (South side of Reserve only).  Brentham/Bennelong Reserve – Between Brentham and Oxford streets, south of Wylie Place.
  • Perth – Robertson Park – Bounded by Fitzgerald, Palmerston, Stuart and Randell Streets.
  • North Perth – Woodville Reserve – Bounded by Namur, Fitzgerald, Mignonette and Farmer Streets. Les Lilleyman Reserve – Bounded by London, Ellesmere and Gill Streets. Charles Veryard Reserve – Bounded by Hanover Place, Deague Court and Bourke Street. (North East side of reserve only)
  • Mount Hawthorn – Menzies Park – Bounded by Berryman, Egina, East and Purslowe Streets.
  • Highgate – Jack Marks Reserve – Corner Broome and Wright Streets.
  • Mount Lawley – Forrest Park – Corner Curtis and Harold St.
  • East Perth – Banks Reserve – Joel Tce (Southern end only)

City of Wanneroo –

Dogs may be exercised on most City of Wanneroo reserves, but NOT in the following areas:-

  • Frederick J Stubbs Grove, Quinns Rocks
  • Beach Reserves, except designated areas
  • Wanneroo Showgrounds, Wanneroo
  • Kingsway Sporting Complex (dogs may be exercised on a leash only but are prohibited on the netball courts)

Dog beach locations

The following are designated beach reserves for dogs:

  • part of Quinns Rocks Beach, Quinns Rocks, north from Tapping Way
  • part of Yanchep Beach, Yanchep, south from Nautical Court
  • part of Two Rocks Beach, Two Rocks, south of the southern groyne

Visit the City of Wanneroo website to download user friendly maps.

Shire of Mundaring –

Contact the Shire of Mundaring on 9290 6666 for a list of dog exercise areas.

Help us and assist other pet owners

This information has been collected directly from relevant council websites. As mentioned above, this information provides a general guideline for pet owners and of course regulations change frequently, so make sure you review the latest council policies before heading out with your pet. If you are aware of any changes to the above areas, you can also assist us by completing the form below. We will update information as we are notified of any changes.

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