Your veterinarian may recommend using an Elizabethan collar or buster collar. These collars come in various sizes are lightweight and designed to help animals recover safely after they have had surgery, been treated for an injury or are experiencing skin problems.

Unless instructed by your veterinarian, the collar should only be removed when your pet is under full supervision. Most pets will learn to eat, sleep and be their normal selves after a day or so. However, if your pet is having difficulty eating or accessing their food bowl the collar can be removed during feeding time. This should only be done under your supervision. We also suggest you check with your veterinary healthcare team if you have any concerns or require advice on when and when not to remove the collar.

When you bring your pet home for the first time, check they can easily access water from their drinking bowl. You may need to adjust the position of the bowl or use an alternative bowl during their recovery period.

As veterinarians and pet owners we know it can be heart breaking at times to watch your frustrated companion in their new head attire. However a few days of persisting with a collar can reduce the risk of serious self-injury and prevent further veterinary intervention.

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