The origins of the French Bulldog, fondly known as the Frenchie, are a little uncertain. The French recognise this little bulldog as a national breed but it is possible they are descendents of the British Bulldog. During the Industrial Revolution it is believed lace makers from Nottingham migrated to France in search of work. With them travelled their small bull dogs, some of which had the upright bat ears that are a distinctive feature of the French Bulldog today. These little bat eared dogs appealed to the people of France and soon the Frenchie became a fashionable companion on the streets of Paris.

Temperament and Appearance

The French Bulldog is an intelligent and courageous breed, relatively easy to train and highly affectionate. They thrive on human company and love to be included in family activities.

Frenchies are a small, sturdy little dog with a cobby appearance. The ears are a main feature of the breed and should be large and round resembling those of a bat.


10-12 years

Grooming and care

Grooming requirements are minimal due to the breed’s short coat. When shedding, run a brush over the coat to remove loose hairs.


The Frenchie is an active dog and will participate in as much exercise as he/she can get including walking, running, play and participating in just about any family activity.

Owners should be cautious at summer time. Similar to other flat nose or short nose dogs such as Pugs, they can easily succumb to heatstroke. During the warmer months of the year Frenchie’s should be exercised during the cooler times of day.

Health Concerns

For the latest research in breed-related problems in French Bulldog visit the University of Sydney’s LIDA (Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals) website.

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