Known in Hungary as the Yellow Pointer, the Vizsla was the original companion sporting dog of the early warlords and landed aristocracy. Bred for hunting both fur and feather, and pointing and retrieving from both land and water, the Hungarian Vizsla is a gun dog of outstanding ability. They are a distinguished looking dog of aristocratic appearance with a powerful build and graceful movement.

Average Height

Dogs 57-64cm
Bitches 53-60cm

Average Weight



A splendid companion and alert watchdog, the Hungarian Vizsla is clean, fast and smart. They respond to a strong master – dog relationship. When working they are lively and fearless, with a well-developed protective instinct. When off duty they are easy going, gentle-mannered and demonstratively affectionate. A practical size for most homes, the Vizsla makes an even tempered and steady, no-fuss family pet for those able to meet his exercise needs.


10-12 years

Grooming and care

A short, smooth coat, which comes in attractive shadings of rusty gold and sandy yellow, requires little care.


What the Hungarian Vizsla does require however is exercise, exercise and more exercise! A bundle of energy, he would be happiest with someone who enjoys a sporty, active lifestyle. They also love the water and will enjoy a morning at the beach swimming and retrieving objects from the water.

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