As a pet owner, it is not a hard task to find a fantastic photo opportunity. Capturing the moment on camera is often a little more difficult. Here’s some hints and tips on taking great pet photographs.

  • Use a high-speed film and a fast shutter speed
  • Make sure the camera is at the same level as the pet
  • Fill the view finder with the subject
  • Take lots of photos and choose the best (this is even easier now with digital cameras)
  • Check out the background and position the camera to minimise any distractions in the background
  • Place puppies in a basket – not only does the basket keep them all in one spot but they will look cute too
  • Use a squeaky toy if you want the pet to look at the camera.
  • Capture your pet’s personality. Position them in their favourite place in the garden, chair, bed or with their favourite toy
  • Place a dark coloured pet against a lighter background and a lighter coloured pet against a dark background
  • If photographing the pet with a child, keep them on the same level.
  • Position the camera on a slight angle so that your pet is not looking directly at the camera. This will give the photograph depth and will look less like a mug shot
  • Most importantly, always have your camera handy. You never know when the next great photo opportunity will be

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