Dogplay The Canine Guide to Being Happy by Kim Levin

From the writer and photographer who brought us the bestselling “Cattitude” series, here comes a uniquely canine perspective on living the good life. Kim’s charming photographs capture a light-hearted look at how our four-legged friends embrace the everyday and maintain their eternal optimism. Buy online here Dogplay: The Canine Guide to Being Happy

Poisonous 2 Pets by Nicole O’Kane

Is a full colour book which allows rapid access to visual and written information about plants which are poisonous to cats and dogs. It enables owners to identify the dangerous plant and know what to do if their pet is poisoned. The book outlines potential toxicity to pets by categorising the plants into four levels with each toxic level identified by colours found on the edge of each page. However, prevention is better than cure and the information in this book also helps pet owners and garden designers “poison proof” the home and garden. For more information go to ISBN 978 0 980 63480 8.

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