Originally from Russia, the Siberian Forest Cat withstood harsh climates, becoming hardy and strong. The history of this breed has been traced as far back as the year 1000.


A large, strong breed displaying great muscular tone, the Siberian Forest Cat has an almost horizontal-shaped back, slightly longer hind legs and firm, rounded paws. Their physique allows them to be very agile, with the ability to leap long distances. Siberian Forest Cats’ long coats include a ruff around the neck and can display colours of tabby and tortoiseshell as well as solid and colour point varieties. Siberian Forest Cats can mature for up to five years until they are fully grown, reaching between four and seven kilograms.

Average lifespan

12-15 years


Intelligent and powerful, the Siberian Forest Cat has been called “the cat for dog people” as it is devoted, gentle and loving towards all family members, especially children. Their social nature means they will greet guests and follow people around the house, becoming lonely if left unaccompanied. They prefer the company of another cat or even a friendly dog.

Grooming and care

Shedding only little of their long coats, Siberian Forest Cats love the attention they get from being groomed but excessive grooming is not necessary.

Their love for food makes obesity a risk that must be monitored closely.

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