Are you tired of the usual game of fetch? Want to get both you and your dog off the couch? Why not try something completely different which can be of great fun for both you and your dog. See below for a variety of activities you may not have seen before and find out how you can become involved.

Lure Racing

Lure Racing is a great activity for dogs as it involves their natural love of running and chasing. It is a great sport for dogs that love to run like the wind and have the ability to sight and chase the lure. The dogs are raced from starting boxes and chase a lure pulled by a battery operated machine. It is also great fun for the spectators as they cheer on the dogs and are amused at the antics of the first timers. Lure Racing is a modification of Lure coursing which is also an activity which may be of interest to you.

For more information please visit the following websites or refer to the club of your specific breed to see if this is an activity that may be suited to them (see bottom of page for links to Queensland Sighthound Association).

Canine Musical Freestyle

Commonly known as dancing with your dog, Musical Freestyle is a combination of heeling, obedience movements and tricks all choreographed to music. Footwork is a mix of dance steps and traditional obedience commands. Both the dog and the handler share the spotlight and are judged equally. A great way to interact with your dog and displays the ultimate in team work between dog and handler.

Any dog can participate in Musical Freestyle. Dogs require a knowledge of basic obedience and an owner with imagination. The owner may choose to wear a costume for visual effect. Search YouTube for example acts.

For further information please refer to your state canine association or visit the links below.

Flyball Racing

Flyball Racing is a fast and exciting team sport for dogs. It encompasses all things dogs love: running, jumping, catching balls and striving to please their owners. A Flyball team comprises of four dogs competing in relay form against other teams. The race consists of jumping over four hurdles, triggering the Flyball box, retrieving the ball that is released from the box and carrying it back over all four hurdles to where the next dog eagerly awaits.

Flyball is great fun and exercise for dogs and great fun for people too!It is great for building relationships both with your dog and other members of your team and you strive to improve your teams performance.

For more information about Flyball Racing and how you can become involved please visit the website of the Australian Flyball Association Inc.

Competition Obedience

Competition Obedience is a precision sport where dog and handler perform a set series of obedience commands. These exercises have been designed to test the dogs ability to perform tasks and showcase the teamwork between dog and handler.

Competition Obedience is one of the most popular dog sports in Australia and dogs at all levels of competence can become involved. For more information refer to your state Canine Association or the club for your specific breed.


Tracking is a sport that all dogs can be involved in, however dogs that love to sniff around are the best suited for tracking. Tracking draws on a dog’s love of following a scent and involves a dog following a scent trail left by a human. The dog must use its sense of smell to locate the articles of clothing and people. It’s like hide and seek for dogs.

The sport is quite vigorous for both dog and handler as it can be run over rough and rugged terrain.

Sled Dog Racing

In Australia Sled Dog racing has been modified for our conditions to allow for the thrills of snow ‘mushing’ on a groomed trail or dirt track. Instead of a traditional sled a scooter type carrier on wheels is used. Traditional sled dog racing can be found in the Mt Hotham region of Australia. Sled dog teams can consist of between one to eight dogs and their handler, known as the ‘musher’.

Any dog that gets along well with other dogs can participate and it is important that the dogs are kept fit as it can be a strenuous event. The racing season is between May and August to provide for cooler conditions for the health and comfort of the dogs.

For more information visit the websites listed below.

Agility Racing

Agility racing is a great activity for you and your dog as you work together to negotiate an obstacle course in the quickest possible time with minimal errors. Obstacles include tunnels, weaving poles, platforms and hurdles which all test the dogs ability to jump, weave and

negotiate whist obeying the handlers commands.
Suitable for all types of dogs, competitions are held all over Australia and many dog obedience clubs run classes where you and your dog can partcipate in this fun sport.

Further contacts

Contact your local dog obediance club, specific breed club or State Canine Association for more information about dog sports/competitive dog activities.

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