Your cat has unexpectedly soiled your carpet, or your dog has chosen your favourite sofa to urinate on. Want to know the best way to clean up the mess and to stop your pet from doing the same thing again? Read our hints and tips on cleaning pet stains here.

First and foremost, if your cat has just started urinating inappropriately then you need to establish why. There are many reasons why cats spray and soil indoors so when you have finished cleaning up we recommend reading our article on spraying and soiling (click here). In both cats and dogs inappropriate urination can be caused by an underlying medical problem so a veterinary check-up is the most beneficial step to help resolve the problem long term.


The golden rule for cleaning up pet urine is to avoid ammonia based products. Using an ammonia based product will make your pet think there is another dog or cat marking their territory and will encourage your pet to repeat the same behaviour.

  • Step 1. Blot the area with a plain paper towel or clean white cloth to remove the bulk of the liquid.
  • Step 2. Wash the area with a non ammonia based product such as Nilodour or Biozet (enviro-friendly washing powder available from the supermarket) or sprinkle Bicarbonate Soda on the area and spray with cleaning vinegar. As veterinarians, these are products we have tried and tested and have worked. However, in saying this we are not experts in floor or surface coverings so in all circumstances you should check with the supplier of your floor coverings or upholstery to ensure the cleaning product and method you choose is safe. If this is not possible, spot test the cleaning product and method in an inconspicuous place first.
  • Step 3. Remove all of the cleaning solution from the surface and dry off the area by blotting with clean plain paper towel.
  • Step 4. Prevent your pet from going near the stained area for at least 48 hours.

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