Cat adoption

Vetwest Animal Hospitals has a history of finding new homes for orphaned pets. In fact we are proud to place many orphans particularly kittens and cats in homes every year with the help of dedicated cat lovers and new pet owners in our local area.

Our cat adoption program assists cats and kittens in finding loving new homes. All orphans receive the following:-

  • a full veterinary assessment,
  • FIV (Cat AIDs) and Feline Leukaemia testing
  • vaccination,
  • microchipping,
  • flea treatment,
  • deworming treatment,
  • as well as being desexed,
  • and have been very spoilt by our nursing team.

Our Cat Adoption Centre clients receive a full history (as we know it), and a vaccination certificate for their new pet.

Vetwest are committed to responsible pet ownership and encourage all new cat owners to consider our Total Wellness Plan option when adopting a new cat.  Total Wellness Plan provides for your cat's health care needs such as parasite control, vaccinations and consultations for a 12 month period. For more information visit

Your new cat/ kitten will be $250 (without Total Wellness Plan). By taking out a Total Wellness Plan when you adopt your new cat, you will receive a $125 discount off the regular adoption price. The total cost of adoption with an Essential Plan is $377 and with a Classic Plan it is $435. Monthly instalment for Total Wellness Plans is available.*

If you can give one of our adoption centre felines a home, or know someone who might be able to please contact your local hospital and check our adoption cats below. 

* Additional charges apply.